Main Catalogues
Lightning and Earthing Protection System (LPS)
Cable Termination System (CTS)
Surge Protection
Enhanced Lightning Protection System
Lightning Warning System (LWS)
Concast Adhesive
Earth Enhancing Compound (PMC)
Earth Electrode Inspection Chamber
Exothermic Fusion Joint Technology
Equipotential Joint Netting
Trees Lightning Protection System
Conductor Fixings
Brass Flat Tape Saddle
Naval Brass Flat Tape Saddle
Brass Metallic DC Tape Saddle
Brass Circular Conductor Saddle
Aluminium Alloy Flat Tape Saddle
Aluminium Alloy Metallic DC Tape Saddle
Non-Metallic DC Tape Saddle
Cliplok Roof Metallic Clip
Slated Roof Conductor Support - Alum Saddle
Slated Roof Conductor Support - Brass Saddle
Ridge Conductor Support
Slated Conductor Support Holdfast
Air Terminal Fixings
Copper Taper Air Rod
Brass Flat Base
Brass Ridge Base
Copper Alloy Circular Base
Copper Alloy Strike Pad
Aluminium Taper Air Rod
Aluminium Alloy Flat Base
Aluminium Alloy Ridge Base
Aluminium Strike Pad
Copper Flat Tape
Aluminium Flat Tape
PVC Covered Copper Tape
PVC Covered Aluminium Tape
Tinned Copper Tape
Test & Junction Clamps
Brass Square Tape Clamp
Brass Oblong Test Clamp
Brass Round Test Clamp
Aluminium Alloy Square Tape Clamp
Aluminium Alloy SQ Tape Clamp
Aluminium Alloy Oblong Test Clamp
Aluminium Alloy Round Test Clamp
Round Conductor Square Clamp
Copper Alloy Round Conductor Parallel Clamp
Copper Alloy (Round Conductor) M-P Clamp
Copper Alloy Triangle Test Clamp (T/T)
Bi-Metallic Connector
Test Link Box
Exothermic Connections
Types of Exothermic Connections
Installation Guidelines
Method of Statement
Earthing Clamps
Rod to Tape Clamp
Earth Rod to Flat Tape Clamp
Copper Bonded A Clamp
Aluminium Alloy A Clamp
Flexible Braided Bond
Static Ground Receptacle
Flush Ground Point & Plate
Ground Rod to Cable Clamp
U-Bolt Clamp
Earth Inspection Chambers
Hot-Dip Galvanised Inspection Chamber
Concrete Inspection Chamber (SQ)
Concrete Inspection Chamber (Round)
Polymer Inspection Chamber
Polymer Inspection Chamber (L.D)
Bond & Clamps
RWP Bond
Copper Alloy B Bond
Aluminium Alloy RWP Bond
Aluminium Alloy B Bond
Pipe Bonding Clip
Earth Rod & Fitting
Copper Bonded Earth Rod
Brass Coupling
Phosphor Bronze Coupling
Earth Rod Driving Head
Earth Rod Spike
Cable Termination System (CTS)
(A2) Non Armoured Brass Cable Glands
(BW) Armoured Brass Cable Glands
(CW) Armoured Brass Cable Glands
Aluminium and Stainless Steel Cable Glands
Earthing Accessories
Earth Bar
Oxide Inhibitor Compound
Compression C Clamp
Copper Earth Plate
Copper Earth Mesh
Concast Adhesive
Installation Guidelines
Earth Electrode Inspection Chamber
Benefits of HENG Earth Electrode Seal
Installation Guidelines
Equipotential Joint Netting
Installation Guidelines
Earth Enhancing Compound (PMC)
Product Packaging
Installation Guidelines