Importance of Lightning Protection System

It is not probable to provide 100% protection to a structure against damages from direct lightning strike. With ever increasing use of electrical components, more sophisticated equipments and ever taller buildings, the need of lightning protection has become greater.

However, in many situations the need for lightning protection is critical due to the severe consequences that could result from an unprotected lightning strike. Hence, it has always been recommended to do a lightning risk assessment before the design and installation of a Lightning Protection System.

As reported from our code of practice, Singapore has one of the highest lightning rates in the world. During the period of 1982 to 2008, the monthly distribution of mean thunder days shows the peaks in April/May and October/November with at least 18 thunder days each. Lightning Ground Flash Density (GFD) of Singapore varies from 5 to 36 flashes per sq km with an average of 16.0.

Each year, thousands of homes and other properties are damaged or destroyed by lightning. Even though protection from lightning damages have been greatly stressed and enforced there are still reported cases of damages caused by lightning in many parts of the world.