Design & Consultancy

Lightning and Grounding/Earthing Protection

In Heng, we pride ourselves as a total solution provider. Hence, we are able to provide design and consultancy works in the areas of grounding/earthing and lightning protection. With a 40 years track record in Singapore and various parts of ASEAN, HENG has garnered strong reputation in performing lightning and grounding/earthing protection works.

With an industrious and friendly team of consultants, HENG is able to support most projects around ASEAN. Tasks such as risks and safety management, lightning and grounding/earthing audit and maintenance of lightning and grounding/earthing system are just some of the many areas of work HENG can support.

Should there be any requirement on technical consultancy, enquiries over correct type of materials to be install, HENG is there to provide you with necessary information. Just give us a call and HENG will be ready to serve you.